Masturbation Monday No. 154 — Jungle

Sabrina smiled mockingly at Graham.

“You’re not going to do anything with me. I can do everything you can do for me myself. Now please leave. This is my home, and whatever name you knew me by? That name has evaporated, and I cannot even remember yours now.”

Graham stared at her for a good long moment, and she kept his gaze easily.

“Who do you think you are fooling? You made your own nipples hard? You made yourself wet?”

Graham walked over to her, and took her hands into his. There was nothing sexual in his touch, but she was inflamed. She knew she had ceded victory to him, and now she was terrified what he was going to do with it.

“There, now go take care of that yourself.”

He turned and walked away from her, and in any previous version of herself, she would have begged him to make her feel good.

But she was not going to beg him.

She looked at him defiantly, and pulled her slip over her head. Her body looked ready for sex in the mirror, even in the dim room. Caressing her breasts, she felt her own pre-come between her legs and moved them so that it would make it easier when she slipped her fingers there. Her breasts too sensitive to touch, she was just about to slip her fingers between her legs when she felt a sudden flash of heat.


“You got this?” he chided, and she hated him for it. But she was tired of denying herself what her body clearly wanted from him.

Instead of her finger, Graham slipped his very familiar shaft into her. The shape of which was so familiar, that she pulled him closer to her until he fit her all the way and just the way that she liked.

Her groans were feral, and she bit into him with the pleasure that filled her body. She half climbed against him as he pulled her to the wall, and her cries were like something she would expect to hear in the jungle. Until she tasted blood, Sabrina did not stop.

It was the slight metallic taste of Graham’s blood in her mouth, and a come stain that only she would know to look for that were remnants of what had happened between them moments later.

Sex? Love? Habit? She was not sure…

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  1. I like her boldness, but he still knows how to get to her, to push her buttons. I kind of like that, too – if she keeps being assertive, that button-pushing becomes sexy instead of predatory…at least to me.

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