Wicked Wednesday #163 – Hormones & Kink of the Week, July 1-16: Leashes/Leads

“It is all hormones with you and Rafe,” her mother had said to her, when she started seeing him. “That young man has something carnal about him, even I am not immune. Everything seems so pristine, his background, his family. But he is like a wildcat. Something that cannot be domesticated.” Eliza remembered how frank […]

Wicked Wednesday #162: Photo (of my legs)

Eliza’s fingers lingered on her lips. Sitting next to Oscar at the bar, her fingers remained still. She wanted to keep the warmth, wanted to keep the sensation…the sensation of his kiss there. She had forgotten, but now that he had kissed her again, she remembered every kiss they had ever had. This kiss was […]

Wicked Wednesday #160 — Disability

Maybe because she was in a hotel room alone in New York was why…Eliza had been alone in hotels in Shanghai and Paris, and not felt like this. But being alone even in this plush boutique hotel room, reminded her of being alone in the hospital after the car accident. For the most part, she was […]

Wicked Wednesday #151 — How-to

Polly winced as Colin grabbed her hand. “You’re hurting me!” He let his fingers dig in a little more along the thick vein of her wrist, caressed it and then stared in her eyes. She stood up, and backed away from the table. “I came to dinner with you because you told me that I […]

Wicked Wednesday #150 — Exposure

At least three times Oscar wanted to look back at Eliza, well he wanted more than to look back at her. He wanted to caress her mound and hold it in hand, until the tip of her slit was damp and then shove his finger inside her. He had done that to her in elevators […]

Wicked Wednesday #149–Goals

It amused Eliza that Bebel Gilberto was playing in the background at the bar where she and Oscar had agreed to meet. She knew that she could not say anything to him at Fiona’s house, but it was time to address him in some way. She had been in so much pain since their long […]

Wicked Wednesday #148 — The Beginning

Eliza was in a mellow mood listening to the sensual music of Bebel Gilberto coming through the speakers, and looking at Fiona. Even though they were far past Fiona’s admission of love for her in Shanghai, she was happy that Fiona was really in love. It was clear, especially in the way that Fiona denied […]

Wicked Wedsnesday #144 – Unexpected

Eliza moved her fork through the raspberry sauce that was left on her plate, using its side so she could gather the sauce up like a spoon. The fork slipped between her wine-colored lips, and she closed her eyes again savoring the almost unexpected sweet and tangy sauce. The first bite with her flourless chocolate […]

Wicked Wesnesday #141– Interviews

It kind of felt like going on an interview, Eliza stared in a store window one more time to make sure she looked perfect before going into the apartment building. When she had decided to open up her relationship with Rafe, she realized it meant that she acknowledged that there would be other people in […]

I'm Wicked Wednesday #138 — Graveyards/Cemeteries

Eliza walked along Rue Edgar Quinet toward the Montparnasse Cemetery. She was not going there to visit any of the famous graves. In all her time in Paris, she had never visited any of the cemeteries there. She was going because Adrien had asked her to meet him there. That was the effect that Adrien […]