Wicked Wednesday #210 — Choices  

“I know that I sound like a hypocrite,” Eliza said, settling into her nook with Oscar. “But it is a little weird for me because you know Fiona’s history.You know that she was…you know how she was in Shanghai…”Oscar stared at her when she said that, because Shanghai was their start and their finish until now.

“She needs to make her own choices Eliza, she needs to decide what is best for her. You are her sister, but you have to let her make her own choices…”

“I know,” Eliza replied with a turned down lip. 

Oscar leaned in, his hand on her shoulder, and pressed his cheek to hers. His scent was warm and inviting as always. She placed her hand on his thigh, and made the choice to be with him in that moment and not to be distracted.

His mouth was warm and sensual. She sucked on his lower lip which was sweet with scotch. When they kissed, his hand was on her hip and her hands kneaded his thigh. It was her choice to be with him in that moment. To be present with him, to savor him because there were so many times that she thought she was not going to be able to savor him. To be with him.

Her hands pressed heavily into his thighs, when the music stopped playing. She looked up to see the pianist sit at the bar with Fiona and Josephine. Eliza could not stop staring at them. Fiona looked different than she had ever seen her look before. Josephine was still indecipherable to her,m, even though they were friends. 

Eliza stared at the couple before her, and pressed her hands all the more into Oscar’s thighs. Of course he was right. She had to let Fiona make her own decisions like she had been left to make her own decisions about life and love.

Especially love…
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  1. Your stories are always so intriguing . . . especially when I have (life!!!) missed some. I have to then go backwards to catch-up!
    Oh, and that piano picture! Just LOVE it . . . is it yours????
    Xxx – K

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