Wicked Wednesday #289 — Neighbors

Eliza hoped their neighbors—well the other people on their hotel room floor did not hear everything that had happened in their room. Oscar held her hand, as they walked down the hall and she felt like a teenager. It was such a sweet gesture for him to hold her hand, but everything that had happened […]

Wicked Wednesday #225 — Shadows

Eliza saw Rafe sitting in the shadows of their apartment by an open window, though it was dark. He looked out of the window as if for inspiration, or for something he hoped was out there.She walked over to him, the only sound was the elegant click of her stilettos. Pausing before him, he looked […]

Wicked Wednesday #224 — Puzzle Pieces

Eliza felt she was putting together the pieces of the puzzle, as she downloaded the new software for her smartphone. She pressed her head to the glass of the car that she was taking to her next meeting. Seeing Margaux had troubled her, Margaux looked uncomfortable with her even as she tried to make it […]

Wicked Wednesday #219 — Alcohol

Eliza wished she could blame what had happened on the alcohol she had imbibed with Rafe and Margaux, but she knew that she was going to call Oscar before the night was out. The time difference in Shanghai, was such that it was completely different times of day for them. But she wanted to talk to […]

Wicked Wednesday #212 — View

Eliza took in the floor to ceiling view from the bar. Josephine had just gotten off of work, and they were going to another bar which puzzled her.”This is the most sought after view in the city Joe, maybe we should just stay here?” Josephine stared at Eliza with exasperation, and she could not blame […]

Wicked Wednesday #210 — Choices  

“I know that I sound like a hypocrite,” Eliza said, settling into her nook with Oscar. “But it is a little weird for me because you know Fiona’s history.You know that she was…you know how she was in Shanghai…”Oscar stared at her when she said that, because Shanghai was their start and their finish until […]

Wicked Wednesday #177 — Two

It was the two of them in the bathroom. Eliza sat on the toilet with her panties up, and Rafe sat on the floor at her knees. His head was on her thigh, and she clutched his hair, and closed her eyes looking at the unopened pregnancy test. She was nervous about telling him that […]

Wicked Wednesday #176 — The End

“So this is the end of the tug and pull between you and my brother?” Fiona asked Eliza this after Rafe had been called into the office unexpectedly, over her scrambled eggs on a rooftop. Picking up her mimosa, Fiona eyed her expectantly. Eliza wanted to question Fiona on her sudden devotion to Rafe, being […]

Wicked Wednesday #173 — Dreams

Eliza sat at the bar, her legs crossed as she nursed her drink. Josephine, the bartender smiled at her intermittently. The sparkle of her own diamond engagement ring made Eliza blink so fast, an eyelash slipped into her eye. She blinked until the lash did not irritate her anymore, and took a sip of her […]

Wicked Wednesday #166 — Crumpled

Oscar returned to his apartment in the morning, the sun was just starting to come up. Polly’s red bra was on his crumpled sheets, when he went into the bedroom.But he did not see her. He did not expect to, what was he going to say to her? Obviously, he had overstayed his visit with […]