Wicked Wednesday #263 — Backseat

Eliza curled up to Terrence in the backseat of the cab. They were merry, and she was definitely very tipsy after their dinner. Her proximity to him made it hard for her to think about what Lila had said because she had missed him, and wanted to be close to him.Terrence wrapped his arm about her, and it was like just him touching her was am impetus for them to both need more. They placed their hands on each other’s thighs, and kissed. The heat of his hand, was like an out of control fire that she wanted to rage all over her and she placed his hand up higher on her thigh under her dress.

Once his hand was there, it moved of its own accord. Eliza was almost ashamed that she moved his hand even more higher up—placed it right between her legs. She wanted him inside her, but even she was not that brazen in the backseat of the cab. But if she moved just the way that she was, she was pretty sure that he would be able to feel what she wanted.

And he did.

His finger slipped over the the damp split of her crotch, and she moved against his finger like a cat in heat. Terrence tilted her chin, so that they could look into each other’s eyes…while his finger slipped inside her and she gasped. She gasped so loud, she was afraid the driver would turn around.

He did not.

She gasped again, still looking into Terrence’s eyes. His finger hit every nerve ending inside of her so that she wanted to scream. He knew her body so well, she closed her eyes as she exploded against him and blinked out Terrence and New York City flashing in the window behind him…
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