Wicked Wednesday #277 — Eavesdropping

Every time Eliza was with Terrence post-Lily, she always made sure that it was private. That no one could eavesdrop on their conversation. She felt confident in this when she brought him to her favorite bar, with her favorite bartender Josephine. Josephine had secrets of Eliza’s, that Eliza was sure that Josephine would bring to […]

Wicked Wednesday #270 — Bond

“Who was he?” Terrence had asked when he saw the look Eliza and Oscar exchanged in the stairwell, and now Eliza looked at Oscar. They were at their favorite bar, and Josephine was still there when they got there. “Long time no see,” she had mused while pouring them straight Laphroaig, the smokiness stayed in […]

Wicked Wednesday #253 — Haunted House

Eliza was glad that Rafe suggested that they go out to her favorite bar. She put on one of her favorite cocktail dresses, and looked forward to seeing Josephine and Fiona. Josephine was her favorite bartender, and Fiona was going to join them after her shift.”I still think it would be so fitting for you […]

Wicked Wednesday #238 — Preparation

Preparation for her upcoming wedding made Eliza nervous. Sitting at the bar by herself was so dèjá vü, of when she was first there lamenting over her fate. And she met Oscar. This time she was meeting Oscar, because she wanted to meet him. Oscar looked at her, as he slipped onto the stool beside […]

Wicked Wednesday #212 — View

Eliza took in the floor to ceiling view from the bar. Josephine had just gotten off of work, and they were going to another bar which puzzled her.”This is the most sought after view in the city Joe, maybe we should just stay here?” Josephine stared at Eliza with exasperation, and she could not blame […]

Wicked Wednesday #210 — Choices  

“I know that I sound like a hypocrite,” Eliza said, settling into her nook with Oscar. “But it is a little weird for me because you know Fiona’s history.You know that she was…you know how she was in Shanghai…”Oscar stared at her when she said that, because Shanghai was their start and their finish until […]

Wicked Wednesday #209 –Opportunities 

Eliza loved every opportunity she had to be with Oscar, and she had to admit, she loved going to the bar and seeing Josephine. Even with all that was going on with Fiona and Alice, she really liked Josephine. She had left work a bit early, so she could chat with Josephine for awhile before […]

My Sexy Saturday — My Sexy Love

This week, I have selected an excerpt from my ongoing Wicked Wednesday series…     Josephine adjusted her tie anxiously, and let her fingers slip unconsciously in the gap between buttons on her blouse where you could almost see her buxom chest that Fiona had commented on. It seemed that Alice had not been able […]

Wicked Wednesday #204 — Off Limits

“You’re my sister!” Eliza folded her napkin and hands on her lap as she stared at Fiona, who she had planned to have lunch with even after their impromptu meeting at the bar a few nights before. “I love you Fiona, but…I do not want to get in the middle of this. Why don’t you […]

Wicked Wednesday #203 – Go Ask Alice

“Do you have any questions for me?” Alice asked Fiona. Alice stared at Fiona. She could not explain the way that she felt. There was nothing wrong with her relationship with Fiona. Nothing at all, and maybe that was why she was so defensive. Her prettily made up expression in the ornately framed mirror they […]