Wicked Wednesday #257 — The Arrest

Eliza lingered over her drink at the table. Terrence touched her hand, and smiled.”Lila has been anxious ever since the arrest of one of our former executives for lining his pockets. I am not sure she must have seen us…” she started, looking at Terence. “She must have seen us together.”

“Getting involved with a colleague is not the same thing as stealing company money. No one gets arrested for that Eliza. She just, it just means we do not work together anymore. I already have a few interviews lined up.”

“You do?”

Terrence nodded, and she looked at him with tenderness. She wanted him to not have to worry about work. He held her hands, and looked in her eyes.

“I am thinking about you now Eliza. I can always get another job, but I cannot get another you…”

Eliza wished they had rented a hotel room, instead of coming to the restaurant.

“I need you,” she whispered, getting up.

“No lunch?”

She looked down at him, and pulled her hand from his even though he did not want to let it go. Looking into his eyes for a long second, before she walked away from the table and sauntered toward the restrooms.

Inside the tiny single bathroom that smelled like bluebells, she saw her face. A hybrid of pain and desire that she was frightened of.

And then Terrence came in behind her.

“How did you know which one I was in–” she started.

He clutched her breasts, and kissed the inside of her neck. Eliza held his hands on her breasts and closed her eyes, her head rolling in response to his kisses.When she opened her eyes, she saw their reflection in the mirror as a selfie she was not going to take.

And it was arresting.
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