Wicked Wednesday #245 — Second Thoughts

It felt like deja-vu all over again. Walking into their apartment, Rafe waiting for her barefoot by the doorjamb. Eliza looked at him, while she twisted her engagement ring on her finger. He watched her with a look of bemusement, as she took off her shoes and joined him in the hallway.

There was no need for them to say anything to each other.

Eliza took off the rest of her clothes, and Rafe followed behind her. He kneaded her shoulders gently, exactly where she needed to be touched.

So she could relax.

She was not having second thoughts about anything, about Terrence or Rafe.

She turned to look at Rafe, her lips parted and she wanted to say she loved him. But she did not need to make a sound, they did not need to make declarations that were evident in the way that they looked at each other.

There was so much between them. She closed her eyes, and then was overtaken by memories of what had just happened:

“I want you…” Terrence said, and pulled her close and looked into her eyes.

Just him looking at her was one of the most intimate things she had ever experienced with a man she was with.She closed her yes when he blinked, and pressed her face into his chest.

“There is really nothing to tell,” she said caressing his chest. I am here with you now and that is all that is important…” she whispered into his chest.

Her heart was gripped with love, as she stood naked and exposed in front of the man she was going to marry.

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