Masturbation Monday No. 127

Nichy was at the bathroom sink, when she saw Michelle walk out of the stall. She could not resist the throbbing of desire that began between her legs when she did. Michelle wore an opaquely transparent blouse, with a pencil skirt that hugged her hips. She smiled at Nichy who stared at her lips. Michelle wore the same color she had the night before, and it had no less devastating affect on her today as it had when they had been together.

Before Michelle could say a word, Tyler walked into the new unisex bathroom. Nichy shot him a look right away. It made her happy that he was not able to hide his awkwardness, but that it was with her intimate knowledge of him that she could tell that.

Michelle looked between them, smiled softly and washed her hands. As she placed her manicured hands under the hand dryer, the bathroom mirror captured the tension between them all.

Tyler looked at Nichy in the mirror, smiled and walked into the stall.

Michelle looked at Nichy in the mirror after she finished drying her hands. She ran her hands over her hips, and Nichy could not help but be riveted to her body that she had enjoyed herself wondering what Tyler had had. Michelle’s eyes were slit and smoky as she looked at Nichy.

Nichy looked at the stall, and then back at Michelle.

But Michelle was gone.

When Nichy looked back at the stall, Tyler walked out and looked at her. Nichy looked up at him, he watched her intently.

Would he ever tell her about Michelle? Would she tell him about her time with Michelle?

“I want to touch you,” Tyler mouthed.

She was swept away with the tenderness of his words, the warmth of his breath and the softness of his mouth. She wanted him to touch her where she still throbbed.

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