Masturbation Monday No. 137

Nichy stumbled into her apartment much later that day, texts from Tyler and Drew had kept her attention for most of the day at work. Tyler texted that he was sad he was not there. I miss you, I want to be with you, see you soon…And from Drew…I miss you, I want to be […]

Masturbation Monday No. 136 — Pretty

That was pretty what you sent.Nichy stared at the text that Drew sent her, and closed her eyes.  She and Carole went to Carole’s place since it was late, and Carole was the closest one from JFK. They both giggled about what had happened on the plane, and the overwrought flight attendant, who looked like […]

Masturbation Monday No. 135

Nichy coaxed Carole’s breast out of the cup of her bra, biting her tongue as she flicked her friend’s nipple back and forth.”You know, Drew would have liked to have watched us…” Nichy said, kissing first and then biting Carole’s neck.  “On the airplane?” Carole panted, as she parted her legs and Nichy knew what […]

Masturbation Monday No. 134

Nichy was still lost in her thoughts, as she stared absently outside of the airplane. Carole returned to her seat beside Nichy on the aisle.”Nichy,” Carole whispered loudly. “I changed in the bathroom, I put on the new bra I got in Paris.” Nichy was quiet, she had not gone to Paris with Carole. She […]

Masturbation Monday No. 133

Nichy paced up and down Heathrow. Drew had wanted to stay with her, but she said no. She had a stopover before before she got to New York, and her mind wandered… When her panties did come off, he did not ask her. He pulled them off roughly, slapped her bottom and clutched her hips […]

Masturbation Monday No. 132

Nichy looked out of the window of the train, her heart raced as fast as the train did. Andrew’s hand was on her thigh, and that soothed her. Since they had been together, they touched each other constantly. It was more a thing of survival than anything else. They needed each other right now–if never […]

Masturbation Monday No. 105 — Wetness

Nichy woke up, and found herself draped over Graham. She was completely curled around him, and for a moment she was not sure where she was. The possessiveness with which she held him was reminiscent of when they were together years ago, before she had to run away from him. When she was much younger, […]

Masturbation Monday No. 32

Nick Drake played dimly in the company library. When the head librarian and archivist left, people were asked to fill in for her in one-hour shifts. Nichy was happy to do so, even without the additional enticement of overtime. She sat at the desk, rather late…she picked the later shift because she figured that she […]