Masturbation Monday #176 — Gargoyle

Sabrina lingered in bed, her hand on her mound which still throbbed from the pleasure of the dream that she had had. Ever since her first wild dream of Paris, she kept having dreams of the apartment—that only existed in her dreams—which she was always leaving for sex.

…and walking into an encounter. The night before—or maybe that morning?—she dreamt that She wandered out in the middle of the night in a cocktail dress. She searched for a cigarette she could not possibly have had in reality, but in a dream she had!

But no lighter.

So she walked up to a couple standing near a huge gargoyle. They looked at her, and asked what would they get in return for a light?

On her bare knees, she spread the woman’s open on a nearby bench and licked for her light. The woman pushed her head more and more into her, as the man entered her from behind. Sabrina cried out, it was hard for her to keep her mouth on the woman as the man pounded her. The woman was insistent, and kept grinding her face to her crotch. Sabrina almost passed out from the pleasure she was giving and getting.

Now she was naked in bed, it was the middle of the night and where was Harry? She let her hand linger on her mound a bit, and she was just about to pleasure herself…

Harry appeared, and looked at where her hand was. She knew she was not going to be pleasuring herself alone after all…

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