The Sound Of (Not Quite) Silence (for Hot Octopuss)

I was sooooo pleased to guest blog for Hot Octopuss! Here is my sexy little number for them, and please check out their Pulse…it lives up to ALL of the hype!!!


Janine closed her eyes tight, but moonlight still flooded her eyes. It was quiet.

For now.

But she knew that she would hear them soon enough.

The apartment that she lived in overlooked the park, and everything she desired was either blocks or an e-mail away. To live in this paradise—even with her more than decent salary—Janine needed a roommate.

Their lives were separate for the most part. Liz worked a twelve-hour workday, and Janine ran her business from the apartment with her assistant. Sometimes they did not see each other for days…but Janine always heard Liz at night.

Liz’s boyfriend Ed came over every night—Janine could not blame Liz for needing the release after her long workday. Liz and Ed had sex every night.


The first time, they must have moved the bed because there was a loud dragging sound. Then soft moaning, which elevated into not so hushed whispers.

“Pull my hair,” Liz whispered loudly. “Harder.”

Janine could not help but imagine Liz’s thick long hair being pulled. Liz was beautiful, and the thought of her having sex with her boyfriend played out like a cinema in Janine’s imagination.


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