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Guest Blogger Tom Starling Serves Us Back to Front

I have been admiring Tom Starling on Twitter forever! His pictures are soooo sexy, but their edge is that they always tell a story…so I asked him to tell me a story…


Back to Front

They almost came at the same time. But not quite.

When he let go he sighed and released three short bursts of come onto her face.

The first shot landed on her right cheek, and slid down her face. The second fell across her bright red lips, and ran down her chin and started to collect in a large droplet. The third went lower, and landed on her pretty collarbone and a silver chain that her parents had given her on her 18th birthday.

She was on her knees, and had three fingers inside her cunt. She had thought she might not come, but his ejaculation had made her feel defiled and foolish. The orgasm came like a giant wave in slow motion.

She pushed her fingers to the back of her cunt, to the place that she knew best. She arched her back, and felt the heat rise in her. The come hanging from her chin fell onto her right tit, and she knew what she was. The orgasm started in her sore, wet pussy but flew to every corner of her body. She felt it on the tips of her teeth. She felt it at the end of her fingernails. She shuddered and muttered the word “fuck” three times, before collapsing on the floor and trembling like a hurt animal.

She felt more of his come fall onto her bare legs.

“Get out. Leave,” he said.

She wasn’t at all sure if she could remember his name. She managed to prop herself up onto one elbow, and went to wipe some of his mess from her face.

“Leave it there,” he said. “Don’t clean your face until you get home.”

She wasn’t at all sure if she even liked him. That made it better.

Her shoes were still on; black high-heeled shoe boots. She found her shorts. They were damp, and smelt of her wetness. They were too small, and made her butt look big. She found her t-shirt. She didn’t need a bra. She didn’t need too. She had small tits that stayed up on their own. They drove men wild.

She could see he was getting hard again. She left without speaking.
Come never stayed warm for long. It was cold by the time she got outside on the street. It rarely looked white and gloopy like in the porn films either. His spunk was largely clear, and starting to dry. Nonetheless, if you were to take a look directly at her face, you would see it. Spunk on her cheek. Spunk on her lips and chin. Spunk on her neck and collarbone.

She knew what she was.

She wanted people to notice, she wanted people to know.

She saw a black girl with a big arse in tight ripped jeans. She hoped the girl would see the come on her face, and know that she was slut. She wanted the girl to take her home, and sit on her face. She wanted the girl’s cunt juice to mix with the man’s come, and smear her make up. She wanted to taste the girl’s arse.

She saw a fat old man. He was old enough to be her granddad. She imagined walking him down a side street, and making his dick big and swollen. She imagined what it would feel like to swallow him down, and then ask him to bring four more of his friends to her because she hadn’t tasted enough.

She saw three boys coming out of a chicken shop. She imagined going up to them and telling them that she had the come of a total stranger on her face, and she wondered if they could do the same to her. She wanted them to fuck her face while they ate their chicken.

She got back home to her house. She made herself come with her fingers while she looked at her face in the mirror.

She knew what she was.

She was powerful. She was fearless. She was always in control.



You can find more of Tom Starling here

picture obviously by Tom Starling!!!



Masturbation Monday No. 140 — Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Nichy gasped, between her legs still felt like Drew had a death grip between them. She could still his fingers inside her. She took a deep breath, and closed her eyes. Her body pulsated with Drew, even though he was not touching her. She looked up into his eyes, she could not see them in his pitch black shades, but he still made her shiver all over.

He pulled her by her arms, almost enough to hurt but he did not hurt her. She knew he would never hurt her for real. He kissed her carefully, and she wrapped her arms about his neck. Pressing herself to him, Nichy rubbed her cheek against his chest and looked up into his eyes.

They looked at each other for a long time, her lips parted, but there was nothing to say. Nichy raised her parted lips to his, and he pulled her close. Smoke enveloped her, as he kissed her and his cigarette was sweet on his mouth. His cigarette, and the whiskey he had been drinking were so sweet. They were not quite drunk, but more than tipsy. Nichy almost slipped until he wrapped his arm about her waist, and pulled her close to him.

She looked up into his eyes, looking so hard for them again that she could not see behind his black shades. Smoke circled her, circled them as they kissed and he grabbed her ass. He held one cheek so hard in his hand, and she wrapped her arms about his neck again. Her body covered his like a shield. Hiding his desire–their desire–on a smoke-filled London street corner, and when she pulled her lips away from his she wondered how many times she would fall in love with him…
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smoke gets in your eyes record via wikipedia

Masturbation Monday No. 139 — Surreal

Carole made Nichy an offer she could not refuse…

Nichy was going to London for the weekend, and she did not even have to pay for the airfare because her last trip had afforded her the frequent flyer miles that she needed.

So Drew.

This airplane flight did not involve any shenanigans between her and Carole.

Nichy collapsed onto her Carole’s guest bed as soon as she got there. She was tired, and a mess.

But Drew.

She texted him, what was he doing that night.

Hopefully me?

If you were in London lass…

Nichy paused before she texted him.

I were, I mean I AM in London…

Later sprawled under Drew, it was almost nicer than sex, to have his body curled over hers when they had been an ocean apart. But Drew looked like he did when they sexted, except now it looked like insert her in his mirror.

High on his scent, Nichy practically dissolved under him. She did not want to move, because she was afraid she would wake up…

Even though she knew it was not a dream.

They were together, but it felt surreal. Sex between them was always like life and death. Her eyes fell on a Max Ernst print in Drew’s bedroom. She discovered how much he loved art when they were in Paris. His bedroom was filled with prints, and she felt like she was in a museum. Of art, and because of what happened between them on display for private consumption.

They knew what happened between them…

The prints knew, and the mirror knew.

His hand between her legs, clutched her sex for either life or death. She was breathless, as she heard how wet she was as he played with her. Nichy remained still because she did not want him to lose the spot where she was about to burst.

Nichy closed her eyes, and ignored the elephant in the room—the one on the Ernst print, and any others.

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Masturbation Monday No. 138 — Red

Camden was even more colorful than Nichy remembered. She walked along its Lock, and saw Drew tucked away in a bar that was colored red, it was all red inside. She ran–was she with Carole?–through a throng of people. Drew had just turned, when she leaped and wrapped her legs about him. Drew’s skin was red, her legs were red and the music about them was like an additional heartbeat inside of her body.She wanted Drew inside of her body.

She kissed him, that sweet spot on her own neck on his, because she hoped that it would make him as wild as her. He moaned softly, and smacked her bottom and it felt like he had smacked her between her legs the way she throbbed there after his touch.

“You want it here then? Right here?” His accent was like sex, when he talked to her. She ground herself against him. “You filthy girl, people might be able to see.”

“Then make sure they don’t? Unless you are scared?”

The front of the bar was red, and so all of their parts were bathed in red, his lips, his throat. The top of her breasts, and her nipple when he slipped his finger just inside her bodice. They turned toward each other, pressed so close together, she almost could not breathe. Not from their proximity, but from the anticipation. Her lips parted, a Pavlovian response when she heard his zipper. Drew fingered her to see if she was wet, she smirked and saw her lips shift red beneath her nose. He fingered her, even though there was no need to. She had been ready for him when she wrapped her legs about him. She reached for him, for his shaft outside of his pants. Played with it, because she coveted it.

He was hard, she was wet, she looked down briefly and saw him hard and red between them. She closed her eyes, as he moved his fingers from her.

Red with lust.

Red with rage.

Behind her eyes was red, when she realized she had been dreaming. Her hand between her thighs was red, as she realized she had finger fucked herself in her sleep.

She wanted Drew even more now…
I wrote two flash pieces that stayed with me, and inspired this dream for Nichy. You can read them here, and here.
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Friday Flash No. 14 — The Red Room

She knew that desire was colored red, but she never actually saw it, until the moment that she did. They were standing in the vestibule of the fancy restaurant and bar, and she looked at him. The reflection in his eyes are red, his skin was red, her hand on his cheek and then his chest was red.A blur of red filled her eyes as she kissed him. She sucked on his lower lip, where there was a sweet smokiness from the scotch he had had when they were inside. Her eyes closed as she sucked on his lip, and he pulled her close. 

Behind her closed eyes was red.

“I can’t wait,” she said, her lips released his and there was a soft pop only they could hear.

“Babe…” he started, his hands firmly on her ass. “Here?”


“Right here?”

“Somewhere near?”

“Maybe the bathroom?”

She looked up at him, and his face was red as he looked at the cars rushing by outside through the open door in the vestibule.

They walked back inside, and on the way to the bathroom, there was a red not quite room, but a red space tucked away. There was a settee, and a mirror and the sound of the crowd was dull.

He pushed her softly into the space. In the mirror, she could see their red faces. She closed her eyes when he pulled her to him, so close she could feel red.

She could feel he was red.

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red room photo via f dot leonora

A Little Candy (Snatch)🍭🍭🍭

So I have a new girl crush, and she is AMAZING! Candy Snatch first came to my attention with her searingly hot flash fiction, for my meme Friday Flash! Then I met her at Eroticon, and was overwhelmed by her style and beauty. So I asked her, when are you going to guest blog for me?! She whipped up this hot like lava confection for me instantly–and I am sharing with you…

You’re welcome!

I awoke with a cat-like stretch, lazily blinking against the watery morning sunshine. Glancing over to where he slept. He’s such a good boy. Stroking my hand down his back I smile as he murmurs in his sleep and rolls over. Exposing his throbbing morning glory to my greedy eyes.  

I feel the stirrings of my early morning lust begin to rise. Reaching over I slowly drag my nails across his soft balls, fascinated by his twitching cock. Standing proudly upright begging for my attention whilst he sleeps unaware.  

Gently stroking my finger up the underside of his shaft I can’t help but marvel at how hard he is. Always a fan of a hard cock, I never cease to be amazed by how beautiful I find his. Curling my fingers around him I gently squeeze. His eyelids flutter open and as his focus centres on my form a smile plays across his lips.  

Crawling up the bed I pause as my cunt hovers over his hardness. Kissing him gently at first, my hips dip lower to stroke my wetness up his shaft. His low moan speaks volumes of his need.  

“Does my baby need milking?”  

His frantic nodding amuses me. He’s so handsome, bathed in the morning glow of our room. Sliding back down the bed till I’m face to face with his raging erection. Teasing my tongue around the tip I meet his eyes.  

“How badly do you want it baby…” 

Sliding the glistening tip into my warm mouth his eyes roll and he moans louder.  

“So bad… Please…”  

My lips travel down his length, as my stomach lurches at the violation in my throat. I’ve no intentions of finishing him but I love the way he tastes. As the first drops of precum tickle my tongue I stop.  

Pulling him over onto his front I smack his arse hard. He knows the drill. Up onto all fours like a good boy. I stalk around the bed, fastening his wrists into the cuffs hanging there. He watches and I revel in that lick of power inside.  

Pushing his thighs apart I stroke a finger down his back, lower, lower till its pressed against his hole. He tenses and I chuckle. Not yet my darling.  

Pulling his cheeks apart I gently blow on him. He shivers and I reward this response with the heat of my tongue. Long flat strokes massaging his aching hole. Swirling and pressing against him, hearing his moans grow more desperate.  

Reaching round to feel his straining cock I finally take pity on him. Stroking a finger across his wet hole I gently press. He gasps as my finger slides deep inside him, inching further as he arches his back against the invasive sensation.  

Feeling his warmth envelope my finger I begin to stroke his sweet spot. Gentle circling motions, watching his hips mimicking my movements as the intensity builds inside. Stroking him with the other hand, marveling at the pre-cum dripping from his cock. This is what I do to him. This is my power. 

Carefully teasing him, you can’t rush perfection. He edges closer. Leaning into him I use my tongue to soothe his opened hole. Gentle licks allowing me to fuck him slowly. Curling my fingers up to coax him to finish. Watching for the tell-tale signs. 

His legs begin to shake, his muscles tense, oh we are almost there… 

“Who owns this cock?” 

“You do! Oh, God Please!!!…” 

“Cum for me baby” 

I’m filled with an immense feeling of love as he jerks in my hand and explodes all over me.  

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Masturbation Monday No. 137

Nichy stumbled into her apartment much later that day, texts from Tyler and Drew had kept her attention for most of the day at work. Tyler texted that he was sad he was not there. I miss you, I want to be with you, see you soon…And from Drew…I miss you, I want to be inside you, when am I going to see you?

With Tyler her texts were sweet. Miss you too, sad you are not here, see you very soon.

With Drew it was: I miss you, I want you inside me, I want you to come inside me, I want your come all over me, I want to go to London now…

Come to London. Come now...he texted back to her.

You want me to come now?

Yeah, of course I want you to bloody come. 

Maybe I can come in New York for you?


Face Time call coming in.

Drew on an angle, lying on his bed on her screen.

“Why aren’t you hard?” she panted at the screen.

“Don’t you want to see my pretty face?” he questioned with a smile, and pursed lips.

“Yeah, but I want to see your pretty dick too!”

Nichy slammed the door behind her, and threw her things onto her couch. Missing, she did not care. She held her phone with one hand, and slipped her hand up behind her back to unsnap her bra, and she made a show of pulling it from the front of her dress.

“And how about your pretty tits? And that pretty cunt?”

Nichy laughed, her cheeks hotter than being to close to a stove, and threw herself onto her couch, pulled her dress up and pulled the crotch of her thong to the side. Pretty cunt revealed. Then she pulled her breasts out and up over the bodice of her dress.

Everything on view.

His pretty dick was hard when she looked at the phone. So into her show for him, she did not see see him on his mattress and his very pretty dick exposed at first.

She closed her eyes and she could taste him, and caressing her nipples, she came and she had not even touched herself down there…
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Masturbation Monday No. 136 — Pretty

That was pretty what you sent.Nichy stared at the text that Drew sent her, and closed her eyes. 

She and Carole went to Carole’s place since it was late, and Carole was the closest one from JFK. They both giggled about what had happened on the plane, and the overwrought flight attendant, who looked like she more wanted to join them more than looking upset.

“When are you going to see Drew again, after that show that you put on for him? Because what happened on the plane was not about me. I was just part of the show–but I got off so I don’t care.” Carole shot over her shoulder, standing at her bar.

Nichy bit her lip. What Carole said was true, what happened on the plane was all just a show for Drew. And she was not sure if she was ever going to see him again. 

He was just a fluke. He was just someone she met, and there was no way that she was going to be able to sustain what had happened. Even a fire as hot as theirs was, that made her feel parched now in New York, while he was in London was fully extinguished.

Tyler was away on a business trip. It was the worst timing that his trip overlapped with hers. Because she did not even have him to distract her, to remind her what she really wanted.


Graham had not been to see her for awhile either, and maybe that was because he wanted stability and she could not give him that. They had had it together, for a small time before they did not.

But now Drew…

Carole handed her a glass of wine, and Nichy spilled some on her coat and suitcase and they laughed.

“Need something stronger?” Carole quipped.


She wanted Drew.

I always want to be pretty for you…

Nichy texted him back, and stared at her screen because it showed the moving dots that meant he was typing.


Nichy looked up at Carole with a grin.

You are pretty amazing love, pretty bloody amazing.

Nichy gasped as a picture of her in bed showed up on her screen.

Took this because I could not help myself. It was early morning, I was about to make breakfast even though I had just sampled the most scrumptious morsel between your legs and you were stretched out in bliss and you know how that ended…

His text broke up into two parts, and Nichy smiled.

Yeah, we did not have breakfast…have you had breakfast yet?

It was breakfast time in London. 

Yeah, had a good wank thinking about your pretty cunt.

Nichy felt fire race through her cheeks, and wondered if maybe they were sustainable when she could still feel him inside her pretty cunt…
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Masturbation Monday No. 135

Nichy coaxed Carole’s breast out of the cup of her bra, biting her tongue as she flicked her friend’s nipple back and forth.”You know, Drew would have liked to have watched us…” Nichy said, kissing first and then biting Carole’s neck. 

“On the airplane?” Carole panted, as she parted her legs and Nichy knew what she wanted. She wanted her to touch her pussy, as she had asked before. 

It was dark on the plane, and Nichy stopped touching Carole’s breast and Carole audibly gasped. Nichy smiled, as she watched Carole slip her hand under her blouse and played with her own breast. 

“Cover yourself with your blanket,” Nichy suggested in a whisper to her friend.

Carole looked at her with wide eyes, but then Nichy saw when Carole caught her drift.

The airplane was not crowded, and they were the only people in their row. The stewardess had just walked by, and they were both covered in their blankets.

As soon as she was a couple of rows up, Nichy watched Carole unsnap her bra from the back. 

But now, instead of her breasts, Nichy slipped her hand under the blanket and touched Carole’s wet pussy. She kissed Carole’s neck as she circled her clit, and was startled when she felt Carole come so quickly.

“You came!” she whispered, as Carole continued to play with her own breasts.

“Yeah, you made me come.”

Nichy dried her finger from Carole’s come in her soft pubic hair, and then covered herself in her blanket again. Carole kissed her neck, and that was a turn on. She closed her eyes, as Carole undid her bra and her breasts were loose and under Carole’s touch. 

Carole never touched her pussy, but Nichy came all the same because her breasts were super sensitive.

She knew that Drew would enjoy her texting him about it. Then she reached for her phone excitedly, and took a selfie of Carole kissing her neck, and dropped her blanket to reveal Carole playing with her breasts.

“Seatbelts–” the stewardess started, before Carole and Nichy turned to her both bare-breasted and she walked away…

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Masturbation Monday No. 134

Nichy was still lost in her thoughts, as she stared absently outside of the airplane. Carole returned to her seat beside Nichy on the aisle.”Nichy,” Carole whispered loudly. “I changed in the bathroom, I put on the new bra I got in Paris.”

Nichy was quiet, she had not gone to Paris with Carole. She had been with Drew, but it was nice now to be with her friend, who after she had met Drew…she had barely had enough time with…

“Instant gratification.” Nichy quipped.

“Come, you have to just touch the strap…”

“Carole!” Nichy exclaimed, in a loud whisper.

“Come on! You have to touch it, I almost got one for you in Paris but was not sure…touch me!”

Carole swayed in her seat, and hummed the melody to “Touch Me” by the Doors.

Lulled by Carole’s singing, Nichy did touch her bra. It was the softest lace, and felt like butter. 

Carole moaned softly. 

“Feels nice, right?” she asked her.

Nichy nodded even though Carole could not see her because her eyes were closed.

Carole kept swaying in her seat, and Nichy clutched the strap of her bra like a rein.

Was it an accident, or did she touch Carole’s breast of her own volition? Or was it with Carole’s help, since Carole’s hand was on top of hers?

Drew had said that he wanted to see the two of them get it on, and they had not. 

But now, Nichy caressed Carole’s friend absently, loving the sweetness of Carole’s soft breast.

She had left New York, but she had not left the entanglements of desire that always seemed to web around her.

“Do you want to touch my pussy like that?” Carole moaned into her ear.

Nichy continued to caress her friend’s breast, as her whisper scalded her cheek.
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