Kink of the Week December 16-31: Christmas

She was caught in a sea of horns, but it was his huge horns like those of an elk and headed right at her that got her attention. His human male from was barely hidden by his black fur outfit, and when he took the mask off and stood before her—well not her, but in the vicinity of her—she saw his dark eyes shine under the spotlight.

He was just as sexy without the mask, as he had been with it. Everyone had their own take on what to wear for the Krampus party. There were people dressed like bad children, and there were people dressed with horns.

She drowned in a sea of horns. But he was the anchor. A flash of light filled his dark eyes, and she felt a tremor through her body and was pretty sure that she was flushed from the rum that she had drunk. The punch was sweet and strong, and she was not sure if she swooned from drinking it without enough food…or if she swooned from him.

He put his mask on again. She felt her clit twitch, and was suffused with even more with heat. She was not ashamed that she felt her sudden arousal, she was ashamed that it had not quelled her desire when he was in a monster mask.

His sturdy masculine form prowled around the room, and she could not keep her eyes off of him as he did. As he did stealthily, until eventually he turned into a black blur in the crowd.

A friend grabbed her, and she became immersed in their conversation and remained so until she had to go to the bathroom. In the bathroom, she almost gasped.

There was the monster, looking at her in the mirror over the sink. 

“Have you been a good girl,” he asked, taking off his mask. “Or does this Krampus have to punish you?”

“Can’t you see my halo?” she raised her hands above her head and twirled, accidentally getting poked by his horns.

He kept her hands up over her head, and she looked up him. His dark eyes filled with the fluorescent lights of the bathroom, which were an aberration from the otherwise dim bathroom.

“You make a lovely halo, I wish you were a bad girl…”

He released her hands, and let them fall at her side.

Pressing her body to the fur of his costume, she rubbed her face against his fur and purred,

“I can be.”

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