Happy Mother’s Day Guest Blogger (And Sexy Mother) Kayla Lords Writes Us Kinky Love Notes!!!

So in case you did not know, I adore Kayla Lords! This is not her first rodeo as my guest blogger either, as evidenced here and here. When I heard she had a new book of poetry, I had to have her over again! And on what better day than Mother’s Day, for a sexy mother like her? Salivating for sexy verse? Read on…
XOXO to Leonora for letting me visit her sexy corner of the world today! I’m here to pimp myself, er, my new book, actually. No, it’s not a steamy story of a Dominant with brooding eyes and a submissive who melts into them (although that does sound like a good story…). Nope, this time, I did something a little different. I put together a book of erotic poetry specifically with Dominants and submissives in mind. Most of them are simple haikus which sounded like kinky love notes  (so the title Kinky Love Notes was born).
My hope has always been that my words will inspire others to their own kinky fun or turn them on so much they can’t keep their hands off of themselves. This time, I’m hoping to do it in as few words as possible while at the same time giving D/s couples a way to help express our desires and love through poetry. But ya know, if I turn you on while you’re reading, I’m gonna call that a win. Ha! I hope you check it out and enjoy!

About Kinky Love Notes

Pictures are often painted with words. Lust, love, desire, and kink are no exception. Instead of lines and lines of prose to express need and want, Kayla Lords uses simple poetry. Within these pages, you’ll find haikus, couplets, and free verse with one thing in common: notes of the sensuous pleasure, kinky fun, and power exchange found between a Dominant and a submissive.

Excerpts from Kinky Love Notes 

The Things You Do To Me

Waiting patiently
For you. Hot and wet, dripping.

You make me feel things
In every nerve ending.
Don’t stop. Give me more.

You belong to me.
The taste of you imprinted
On my tongue always.


Please, Sir?

Collar me,
Cuff me,
Restrain me,
Blindfold me,
Want me.
Please, Sir?

Spank me,
Paddle me,
Flog me,
Bruise me,
Mark me.
Please, Sir?

Bite me,
Finger me,
Fuck me,
Take me,
Use me.
Please, Sir?

Stroke me,
Hold me,
Kiss me,
Soothe me,
Love me.
Please, Sir?

I know you want more of Kayla’s poems, here’s where you can get your copy:

Amazon: http://mybook.to/KLN

Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/1qkrscT

iBooks: http://apple.co/1qLwQGN

Smashwords: http://bit.ly/1Q3LtJL

Kayla Lords Bio


Kayla Lords is a kinky submissive, an erotic author, a sex blogger, and a podcaster.  She writes about BDSM and kink from a loving and realistic view. This is her first book of poetry, erotic or otherwise. She also is a regular contributor to Kinkly, Fetish.com, Fuck.com, and Submissive Guide.

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