Masturbation Monday No. 83 — Torn Apart

Nichy could not keep her eyes off of the way that Tyler’s body undulated as he lie on the bed. It was clear that he wanted her on top, and she did not have a problem with that. She was so completely hot for him already from the bar. It was would be extremely easy for her to pull up her clothes, and lower herself onto him.

Tyler was a tease, his body undulated and he was clearly as hard as hell. He took his good and sweet time, undoing his belt and unzipping his pants. Her clit thumped between her legs when she saw that he was not wearing underwear. His impressive erection was heavy and thick, and made her mouth water. Nichy pulled her clothes up unceremoniously, and played with her clit because she needed some stimulation before she worked her way down his shaft.

But she had no control. She was not in control at all as Tyler held her waist, and made her move as he wanted her to move. He was not gentle, but she wanted it rough. He had promised to tear her apart, and it felt like he was trying to.

“You like it?” he panted underneath her. “Show me, ride me…”

He slapped her backside on each cheek, and Nichy felt tears slide down her cheeks. Her tears were not from pain, but from pleasure. Tyler held her hips, and she rode him as hard as she could. She bit her tongue, because she rode him so hard. The more he slapped her ass, the harder she rode him. Until he slapped her ass so hard that she came by accident. Nichy had been trying to hold it, but he made her come before she was ready.

Her eyes sticky with tears, Nichy stayed still on him. She pulsed around him, and she felt when she made him come before he was ready to.

Payback is a bitch, she thought with a smile.

Nichy kissed his nipples after, and caressed his stomach. He had made her feel so good, that she still could feel where he had been inside her. Every part of her that he had touched deep inside. She was surprised that she felt this content with him, there was no place else in the world that she would rather be and she closed her eyes kissing his chest.

“You’re beautiful,” Tyler whispered to her.

Nichy’s eyes popped open when she felt him slip his thick fingers in her. His thick fingers, his thick shaft…Nichy loved his thickness. He fucked her so fiercely with his fingers, it was almost like he was inside her again.

She moved against his hand, humped it like a dog in heat.

“You’re tearing me apart…” she cried.

“I promised that I would…”

He pulled her onto him, but this time not to ride him, but so that he could kiss her. Her mouth, her neck, her breasts…

Nichy bit her tongue on purpose this time.

The words that almost slipped out of her mouth, would have ruined everything…

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