Friday Flash No. 6 — Leaving an Italian Restaurant

All Claudia remembered when they were leaving the Italian restaurant, was her bare shoulder bumping against the photograph by the exit. Victor released her hand, after he had kissed the curve of her neck and she pulled away from him drunk on his lips and amaretto margaritas.

Right into the photograph.

When she sucked on her lip, she could taste amaretto. Before she released her lip, Victor’s lips were on hers. Claudia threw her head back when their lips parted, gasping wildly. He had pulled her into the nearby alleyway, pulled her leg up on his and with his support of her leg, she ground against him.

They both looked around the alleyway surreptitiously. In the restaurant, by the window, they had conspiratorially whispered dramatizations of exploring their lust there. Claudia had suggested her bare feet on the cobblestone. Victor suggested with her leg up over his, so he could spread her wider…

…now her leg was up over his, and her shoe fell off. The sound of it made her clit twitch. Only with Victor could she be out in a semi-private alleyway—only hidden by a huge trash bin—and feel overrun with lust.

There was a scurry beneath them, but Claudia could not look down when Victor was inside her. He had slipped into her, and let go of her leg so she wobbled. Her bare foot was on the ground to balance her, when he directed their lovemaking. There was a sting on her shoulder, which she realized was a cut from the picture she had bumped against. Victor lifted her onto the garbage bin, and re-entered her with renewed vigor.

“I couldn’t wait to be with you like this,” he whispered, as he thrust in and out of her.

“I know,” she cried, before they kissed again. “I would not have made it home without this…without having you inside me…”

A broad light fell on them, they both covered their eyes.

“Scusi,” said the startled worker who threw out the restaurant’s trash, and quickly shut the door.

Claudia and Victor quickly found their release, and left the alleyway. She rubbed her shoulder, as they came back to the front of the restaurant and she saw the picture by the exit illuminated in yellow light.

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