Wicked Wednesday #200 — The Best/ KOTW: March 16-31: Kidnapping/Captive

Colin was the best lover that Polly had ever had, and that was not to diminish any of her other lovers. Sex with Oscar had made her toes curl, and her eyes roll back into her head. But with Colin, she had experienced all of her darker fantasies to the fullest. He had made her feel things that she thought to herself, but never imagined that she would experience with someone until she did with him. Polly had always been the logical one, but her fantasies were especially dark, taboo and intricate. When she was with Colin, he made everything seem possible.

When she told him that she wanted to be abducted, that she wanted him to pretend to abduct her, it was easy for him to make that realistic for her. As young lovers, they craved the darker side of love. Polly embraced the idea of dark love, because it was love and like nothing that she had known that was sweeter and had broken all the same.

She had been in bed one night, but she did not know that he was going to initiate the game. He would not tell her when he was going to, but he would. When he covered her mouth with his hand, part of her wanted to bite his him because they had discussed the harder that she fought would make it more fun for him. She nibbled on the inside of his palm. He slapped her hard enough that she felt the sting, but not hard enough to really bruise her face. Colin bit her neck, and she thought she felt her skin break.

“I am not going to cover your eyes, but you better not turn around or I am going to really hurt you…” he said, panting. “I want you to look, and see what I am going to do to you…”

On her knees, Polly whimpered a little bit. It was what she wanted, but it still scared her to death. He ripped her nightgown off, and slapped her backside. Polly gasped when she heard him undo his belt, she cried out when she felt the buckle against the small of her back. He wrapped the belt about her waist, and used it as a tether to keep her close to him.

“Keep your eyes on the mirror.”

Polly obeyed him, she desperately sought his eyes in their reflection. He never looked at her, he just pulled her with his belt. She watched him, pull her into submission. She never came so hard as she did, when he pulled her close to him.

When he undid his belt in front of her now, Polly felt a Pavlovian response. They had not played any of the dark games they had played when they were younger for years, and Polly bit her lip. Her fantasies were even darker…and she wanted him to envelope her in it now that they were making love for the first time in years…

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  1. The bit where she wanted to bite his hand is stunningly hot. We have certainly played games like this and I have had momentary thoughts like that but held back because I know it is him.


  2. I have exactly the same Pavlovian response to hearing my partners belt, I even woke up expectantly in the middle of the night when the cat jumped and knocked his belt!

  3. Oh, this is so fantastic! I agree with Melina that the belt tether is amazing. Also the fact that he would’t catch her eye in the mirror. Such a seemingly minor details but one so full of tension and longing.

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