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Guest Blogger Tom Starling Serves Us Back to Front

I have been admiring Tom Starling on Twitter forever! His pictures are soooo sexy, but their edge is that they always tell a story…so I asked him to tell me a story…


Back to Front

They almost came at the same time. But not quite.

When he let go he sighed and released three short bursts of come onto her face.

The first shot landed on her right cheek, and slid down her face. The second fell across her bright red lips, and ran down her chin and started to collect in a large droplet. The third went lower, and landed on her pretty collarbone and a silver chain that her parents had given her on her 18th birthday.

She was on her knees, and had three fingers inside her cunt. She had thought she might not come, but his ejaculation had made her feel defiled and foolish. The orgasm came like a giant wave in slow motion.

She pushed her fingers to the back of her cunt, to the place that she knew best. She arched her back, and felt the heat rise in her. The come hanging from her chin fell onto her right tit, and she knew what she was. The orgasm started in her sore, wet pussy but flew to every corner of her body. She felt it on the tips of her teeth. She felt it at the end of her fingernails. She shuddered and muttered the word “fuck” three times, before collapsing on the floor and trembling like a hurt animal.

She felt more of his come fall onto her bare legs.

“Get out. Leave,” he said.

She wasn’t at all sure if she could remember his name. She managed to prop herself up onto one elbow, and went to wipe some of his mess from her face.

“Leave it there,” he said. “Don’t clean your face until you get home.”

She wasn’t at all sure if she even liked him. That made it better.

Her shoes were still on; black high-heeled shoe boots. She found her shorts. They were damp, and smelt of her wetness. They were too small, and made her butt look big. She found her t-shirt. She didn’t need a bra. She didn’t need too. She had small tits that stayed up on their own. They drove men wild.

She could see he was getting hard again. She left without speaking.
Come never stayed warm for long. It was cold by the time she got outside on the street. It rarely looked white and gloopy like in the porn films either. His spunk was largely clear, and starting to dry. Nonetheless, if you were to take a look directly at her face, you would see it. Spunk on her cheek. Spunk on her lips and chin. Spunk on her neck and collarbone.

She knew what she was.

She wanted people to notice, she wanted people to know.

She saw a black girl with a big arse in tight ripped jeans. She hoped the girl would see the come on her face, and know that she was slut. She wanted the girl to take her home, and sit on her face. She wanted the girl’s cunt juice to mix with the man’s come, and smear her make up. She wanted to taste the girl’s arse.

She saw a fat old man. He was old enough to be her granddad. She imagined walking him down a side street, and making his dick big and swollen. She imagined what it would feel like to swallow him down, and then ask him to bring four more of his friends to her because she hadn’t tasted enough.

She saw three boys coming out of a chicken shop. She imagined going up to them and telling them that she had the come of a total stranger on her face, and she wondered if they could do the same to her. She wanted them to fuck her face while they ate their chicken.

She got back home to her house. She made herself come with her fingers while she looked at her face in the mirror.

She knew what she was.

She was powerful. She was fearless. She was always in control.



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picture obviously by Tom Starling!!!