A Slice of Horatio

So when an anthology comes out from Go Deeper Press, the brainchild of Lana Fox and Jake Louder…and Oleander Plume is sharing an excerpt from her upcoming hot af first novel, featuring her sexy mutha protogonist Horatio Slice–I have to share the love! Here is a slice of Horatio, from the hot af anthology Alternative Fucks!  

Gunner snapped out of his cock-induced trance and smacked Horatio’s hand away. “I worked my ass off building a machine for the sole purpose of bringing you back to Earth, and all you want is a blow?”

Horatio glanced at the mass of wires and batteries. “You made this to bring me home?”

“Yes.” Gunner tried his best to look pissed.

“Nice work, kid.” Horatio patted Gunner’s cheek. “Thanks for bringing me back to Earth. Now how about sucking my dick?” He pushed down on Gunner’s shoulders.

Gunner sank to his knees and stared down the length of Horatio’s one-eyed beast. It looked less intimidating from that angle until the wet crown tried to separate his lips. Gunner’s brain told him he should tell Horatio to fuck off, but his tingling balls told a different story. The confusion loosened Gunner’s tongue, and he babbled without thinking.

“Maybe we should get to know each other first.” Gunner said, turning his head away from Horatio’s cock. “We could find clothes for you and then get food, or coffee, or something.”

Gunner cringed over his awkwardness.


“Yeah. You must be hungry, right?”

“Look, kid, I was this close to getting some action. Somebody needs to finish me off before my nads explode. Guess it’s your lucky day.” The delicious flavor of pre-come lingered on Gunner’s tongue. Although he hated to admit it, sucking off Horatio Slice sounded awesome. The man was hot. Hotter than hot. On a scale from one to ten, he was a twenty-seven. And a half. Horatio tapped his cock against Gunner’s bottom lip and said in a sing-song voice, “Come on. You know you want to.”

Once, following a heavy workout, Steven dared Gunner to sniff his jock strap. Not one to back away from a challenge, Gunner took a good whiff and almost heaved. He would remember that rank man funk for the rest of his life. But Horatio didn’t carry the odor of ball sweat and dirty underpants. He gave off the enticing aroma of clean skin, dryer sheets, and male arousal. Gunner took his first tentative lick, followed by another, and then another, quickly falling in love with the taste of Horatio’s cock.

“Damn, that’s good,” Horatio mumbled.

Spurred on by the sounds that Horatio made—moans, grunts, quick breaths—Gunner explored every crevice. He swirled his tongue around the flared edge of Horatio’s cockhead and dug the tip of his tongue into a divot he found underneath. Without thinking, Gunner wrapped his fingers around the shaft, mind-boggled over the girth. A long “Mmm,” slipped out, and he blushed.

Horatio touched Gunner’s hair and said, “Look at me for a second.” Gunner peered up, the tip of Horatio’s cock resting against his tongue, and saw Horatio shiver. “C’mere,” he said, tucking his fingers under Gunner’s chin.

“Why? What did I do?”

“Just c’mere.” Horatio nudged Gunner to his feet, surprising him with a soft kiss that tasted like peppermint and whiskey.

He was kissing Horatio Slice. With tongue, even. 

Gunner’s throat vibrated. Did he moan? Out loud? Fuck it. He didn’t care, especially when Horatio stroked the back of Gunner’s hair with one hand and brought him closer with the other, causing his hard cock to rub against Gunner’s thigh. Gunner’s own bulge bumped against some part of Horatio, and Gunner worried he’d come in his pants because he was damn close to doing just that. Horatio broke away from the kiss and smiled. “Hey cutie,” he said as he tugged open the snap on Gunner’s jeans. “Why am I the only one who’s naked?”

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