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A Little Candy (Snatch)🍭🍭🍭

So I have a new girl crush, and she is AMAZING! Candy Snatch first came to my attention with her searingly hot flash fiction, for my meme Friday Flash! Then I met her at Eroticon, and was overwhelmed by her style and beauty. So I asked her, when are you going to guest blog for me?! She whipped up this hot like lava confection for me instantly–and I am sharing with you…

You’re welcome!

I awoke with a cat-like stretch, lazily blinking against the watery morning sunshine. Glancing over to where he slept. He’s such a good boy. Stroking my hand down his back I smile as he murmurs in his sleep and rolls over. Exposing his throbbing morning glory to my greedy eyes.  

I feel the stirrings of my early morning lust begin to rise. Reaching over I slowly drag my nails across his soft balls, fascinated by his twitching cock. Standing proudly upright begging for my attention whilst he sleeps unaware.  

Gently stroking my finger up the underside of his shaft I can’t help but marvel at how hard he is. Always a fan of a hard cock, I never cease to be amazed by how beautiful I find his. Curling my fingers around him I gently squeeze. His eyelids flutter open and as his focus centres on my form a smile plays across his lips.  

Crawling up the bed I pause as my cunt hovers over his hardness. Kissing him gently at first, my hips dip lower to stroke my wetness up his shaft. His low moan speaks volumes of his need.  

“Does my baby need milking?”  

His frantic nodding amuses me. He’s so handsome, bathed in the morning glow of our room. Sliding back down the bed till I’m face to face with his raging erection. Teasing my tongue around the tip I meet his eyes.  

“How badly do you want it baby…” 

Sliding the glistening tip into my warm mouth his eyes roll and he moans louder.  

“So bad… Please…”  

My lips travel down his length, as my stomach lurches at the violation in my throat. I’ve no intentions of finishing him but I love the way he tastes. As the first drops of precum tickle my tongue I stop.  

Pulling him over onto his front I smack his arse hard. He knows the drill. Up onto all fours like a good boy. I stalk around the bed, fastening his wrists into the cuffs hanging there. He watches and I revel in that lick of power inside.  

Pushing his thighs apart I stroke a finger down his back, lower, lower till its pressed against his hole. He tenses and I chuckle. Not yet my darling.  

Pulling his cheeks apart I gently blow on him. He shivers and I reward this response with the heat of my tongue. Long flat strokes massaging his aching hole. Swirling and pressing against him, hearing his moans grow more desperate.  

Reaching round to feel his straining cock I finally take pity on him. Stroking a finger across his wet hole I gently press. He gasps as my finger slides deep inside him, inching further as he arches his back against the invasive sensation.  

Feeling his warmth envelope my finger I begin to stroke his sweet spot. Gentle circling motions, watching his hips mimicking my movements as the intensity builds inside. Stroking him with the other hand, marveling at the pre-cum dripping from his cock. This is what I do to him. This is my power. 

Carefully teasing him, you can’t rush perfection. He edges closer. Leaning into him I use my tongue to soothe his opened hole. Gentle licks allowing me to fuck him slowly. Curling my fingers up to coax him to finish. Watching for the tell-tale signs. 

His legs begin to shake, his muscles tense, oh we are almost there… 

“Who owns this cock?” 

“You do! Oh, God Please!!!…” 

“Cum for me baby” 

I’m filled with an immense feeling of love as he jerks in my hand and explodes all over me.  

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