Masturbation Monday No. 142 — Clouds

Carole looked at Nichy, and Nichy smiled. She knew what Carole saw. “Girl, you look fucked!” Carole declared. Nichy put down her purse on top of her suitcase, and put her hand on her hip. “Well, because that was what I have been doing…” Nichy stared at her friend. “Are we going to do another show […]

Masturbation Monday No. 130

Nichy stirred her drink in the shadows of the bar. She had agreed to have drinks with Renee and Michelle, to be a sport. She had not anticipated that she would be sitting in the corner, watching them make out. Nichy had no idea that Renee was so attached to Michelle, until she saw them […]

Masturbation Monday No. 129

Nichy liked being fisted, she liked the feeling of fullness and she liked the after inside of her. She and Tyler did not have time to do what she would have wanted in the bathroom, but he got three fingers inside of her and she could still feel him there. At her desk, she closed […]

Masturbation Monday No. 122

Nichy followed Michelle to her apartment. She made it sound to Renee and Theodora, as if she was doing so because she was only trying to be nice to Michelle. Renee looked at her for a long time, and Nichy was sure that Renee suspected something but said nothing.“Say hi to Gavin for me,” Nichy […]

Masturbation Monday No. 121

Nichy felt conflicted as Michelle kneaded her thigh at the bar, and knowing that Tyler had just texted her. At first, she was angry he had texted Michelle. But at the same time, he knew she was with Michelle at the bar—so he could not have been that stupid to have texted Michelle for something […]

Masturbation Monday No. 20 — Michelle

Women always know who their competition is, and even if Nichy did not know she would have guessed that the voluptuous woman who stood in the hallway was Michelle. Michelle. Michelle looked at Nichy, oblivious to the fact that they had both shared the same man and smiled at her. “Are you Nichy?” she asked, […]

Masturbation Monday No. 110

Nichy looked out onto the street through the leaf-shaped holes, that decorated the small shopping bag where she got her macarons from. She saw Tyler’s thigh through them, and then looked up over the bag at him. He stared at everything with the wonder that she did, when she was first in Paris and she […]

It Was Time To Play…

Nichy threw her head back, as she took off her stiletto heels. Her body was tight, as she was desperate for release. Her nipples grazed the silk blouse that she wore, and even the silk was abrasive because they were so firm. They were hard, and ached to be touched.The dampness of the crotch of […]

Masturbation Monday No. 96

If only the woman who had been looking out of the window could see the three of them now… Nichy was lying on a pile of colorful sheets, that she wondered if they had been arranged just for her. Her arm was up over her head while Renee kissed her neck, and Gavin lapped at […]

Masturbation Monday No. 95

Nichy was at the point where did not want to come anymore. It felt so good when she was about to come, that she felt like she could do it over and over again. But then after she had come three times–third time being the charm!!!–she was not ready to come again.Her thong was drenched, […]