Guest Blogger Mischa Eliot Serves Us Finger Licking Good!!!

Mischa Eliot is a new friend, she does Masturbation Monday like me. She is naughty and supportive, and such a gem in the community. Today you are in luck! She is my guest blogger, and wrote this sexy story andddddd??? She participated in my Friday Flash meme, special for my birthday!!!

So yeah, double your pleasure with Mischa Eliot today!!!
Naughty Spy in the Cabana 

Sitting up, I looked around, mind groggy from sleep. Sleep. I fell asleep! The little cabana curtains were still closed as I had left them earlier in the afternoon. My heartbeat returned to normal speed, once my surroundings made sense. It confused me that the staff from the hotel hadn’t woken me, but perhaps they hadn’t bothered to check for anyone in the cabana.

As I opened the curtains, soft voices and laughter greeted me. I hadn’t heard them speaking earlier when my pulse rushed through my ears.

“There’s no one around, babe. Let’s have a little fun.” The man’s voice was gruff, and loaded with desire. Something in me shifted, and I wanted to be the woman he was here with. Her laughter tinkled through the night, tickling my ears.

“Noah, someone could see us.” She didn’t sound all that worried to me and from my vantage point, I could see her actions didn’t match her words either. They were seated on a double chaise lounge, perfect for cuddling.

“C’mon Gracie, it’s late. Everyone else is drinking in the bar or fast asleep. It’s just you and me, babe.” His hand squeezed her neck lightly while the other cupped her breast, thumb ticking back and forth over her nipple.

It was evident that she enjoyed it, and I couldn’t help but want to be her. I mimicked his movement, reaching up to tease my own nipples. They were hard nubs, and I wanted a mouth on them. Sucking, licking, biting. A sigh slipped through my lips as desire rose throughout my flesh.

“Did you hear that?” Her voice lowered, but the breeze carried her words to me. I dropped the curtains I hid behind, and the breeze ruffled them. My breath arrested in my lungs as I waited, straining my ears. Was I about to be found out?

“You’re hearing the wind, nothing more.” Giggling reached my ears and I peeked out again, watching her as she threw her head back and Noah nuzzled, then kissed along her exposed skin.

I couldn’t help it, my mouth fell open, my bikini bottom stuck to me, and I wanted him. I wanted her. An uncontrollable urge filled me. I wanted to be sandwiched between them. With four hands and two mouths playing my body like a fine instrument, I was confident I could make beautiful music with my moans and squeals of bliss.

“Oh, Noah.” Gracie’s moan caught me off guard. My fantasies of being teased and taken by them had taken over. Noah’s hand stroked down her back, and his fingertips slid beneath her bikini bottoms. From the way she writhed and his finger wiggled, he knew just where to touch.

“Please, babe? I promise, no one will catch us. We’ll be quiet and quick.” His words became muffled, as he nuzzled and nibbled her neck. Noah rained kisses along her collarbone. Another moan from Gracie’s lips caused a shiver down my spine. And then Noah kissed her.

I touched my lips, licked my fingers and gave in to my need. Fingers slipping beneath my bikini bottom and finding myself slick, I played myself like a well-made guitar. Another sigh escaped, this one much more constrained as I watched Noah and Gracie. Pinching my nipple, flicking my thumb back and forth, kept me on edge.

Gracie moaned again, and I saw Noah shift her to straddle his hips. He moved swiftly, but gentle as he slid inside her. I watched as her fingers dug into his shoulders. Her breasts bouncing with each thrust, as Noah moved captured my sight. I wished to wrap my lips around her tit,  and suck as much as I could into my mouth. Swallowing hard, thoughts of marking her with my teeth drove me mad.

They moved together like professional dancers, each move specific and perfect and with purpose. I plunged my fingers into myself every time Noah drove into her. Trembling took over my body, I wanted to climax, but the need to come with them was greater.

Battling my urge bore fruit. Gracie’s body stiffened, and she clung to Noah like a lifeline, as though she was afraid she’d be lost on the tidal waves rushing through her. A sharp moan erupted, but Noah muffled her with a kiss that put the earlier one to shame. One of his hands squeezed her breast, while the other held her ass. My own climax hit me, when I realized that the hand on her ass had a finger embedded between her taut cheeks.

I fought the urge to cry out and my eyes slammed shut as the tremors rocked through me. Panting, I lowered myself back to the lounge chair, sticky and sated. The smell of sex filled the little cabana, and I licked my fingers clean. Falling asleep was the best thing to happen to me on this vacation so far, and I couldn’t wait to see what kind of naughty trouble I could spy upon tomorrow.

As promised, there is more Mischa! She wrote a sexy birthday flash for my Friday Flash meme! You can also visit her sexy, sexy website!


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