Wicked Wednesday #234 — Promote

Eliza tapped her stylus on her tablet. She overlooked the notes that she was given to look over, before the meeting started. 

Before Terrence walked in for his review. 

Still lightly tapping the stylus, she knew that the meeting would not start until she gave the okay. With careful deliberation, she looked up, and her assistant walked over to the door and asked Terrence to come in.

As soon as he looked at her, Eliza imagined what it would be like if he spread her over the table in the conference room. She was in charge now, but if he spread her against that table, he would be in charge. But even though she was thinking that, her face remained plain as her assistant closed the door behind him and she placed her tablet on the table. 

She let her colleagues begin the meeting, and she followed each point with her stylus on her tablet.

“Eliza has been working the closest with you, and she said she was especially impressed with your performance in Paris,” Loretta began, and looked at Eliza.

Eliza lifted her head from her tablet, smiled at Loretta and began speaking to Terrence.

“I was extremely impressed to see everything that you accomplished in Paris. It was everything that we hired you for, and let me know that you were a hard worker and a team player which now? I can say I was not sure about in New York. But the team tells me that since Paris it has been really great working with you and socializing with you at company functions.”

“Exactly! Terrence, we are excited to promote you to team leader. You will be working very closely with Eliza, and you will be more hands on with the team. Congratulations!”

Terrence smiled and looked between both women.

“Thank you both, I am really honored and happy to work closer with Eliza and the team.”

“Let’s have lunch, a celebratory lunch with the team.” Loretta said.

Eliza sat through lunch, and purposely let the team sit with Terrence as she talked mostly to her other colleagues. There was champagne, and she was a little tipsy. After lunch, she called Terrence into her office. 

“Close the door behind you,” she commanded.

Terrence did as he was told.

Picking up her tablet and stylus again, she looked at Terrence.

“I wanted to show you my notes, to show you all the decision making I made so that you do not think that this promotion…”

Terrence stood close to her, and she could tell that he had something to prove as well.

In Paris, before we…” 

Eliza looked at him, but he avoided her eyes. 

“In Paris,” he continued. “You were a little tipsy and you told me that I had far exceeded your expectations. Don’t you remember, or I am flattered if everything that happened after made you forget…”

They looked at each other at the same time.

“I remember everything,” she said, and placed her hands on either side of her on her desk. “I just wanted you to know, I am happy we will be working closer together because I think you are really good at what you do.”

“I know,” he leaned in, and smiled at her. “Thank you.”

Eliza wanted him, but it was the middle of the day and her position was too high up for a bathroom tryst now. Terrence nodded at her, and the darkness in his eyes before he stepped back let her know they were both in need.

“Is that all for now?” he asked, with a raised eyebrow and thick voice.

“Yes,” she panted.

He nodded, and walked out. She watched his strong back stride out the door, and knew later she would tell him her mental notes that were not on her tablet…

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