Wicked Wednesday #190 — Porn / Kink of the Week Jan 16-31: OTK Spanking

Eliza sat on the edge of the bar stool as Oscar approached. At this point, Josephine the hostess-cum-bartender raised her eyebrows with familiarity when she saw Oscar arrive and Eliza would swivel around on the edge of the stool at her signal.

Oscar pulled her to him with more force than he normally did, kissed her so hard, she wondered if her lips would bruise. Eliza looked at him, and he waved the card for their room just out of her reach. Eliza kissed him again, before she turned around and looked at Josephine. She was so eager to get into bed with Oscar—she did not count the bills as she placed them on the bar.

Josephine’s smile at the probably overly generous tip was a blur like an ad on a subway station as Eliza ran to the elevator.


Seeing herself lying naked with Oscar, was like seeing her own homemade porn. She wrapped her arms about him, tempted to take pictures or record them with her phone. It would be like her porn to distribute, instead of Rafe’s.

She knew that he was seeing Margaux, but coming across pictures that he had sketched of her was like encountering his personal stash of porn. It was almost unbearable.

But now—with Oscar—she could make her own. Climbing on top of him, she groaned when he grabbed her ass and pulled her to him.

“Take a picture of me?” she queried.

“So you can show your fiancé?”

Eliza shrugged, and rolled off of him. He pulled her to him with one arm, and slapped her backside.

“Why do I have to always feel like I am playing second fiddle to Rafe, Eliza?” Oscar asked, lying on his back and pulling her on top of him. “I feel like I need to put you over my knee.”

Eliza felt between her legs turn to mush. The thought of him spanking her. He had not spanked her since the early days, when they first met. But he never spanked her that hard then, because they did not want to leave marks on her.

But now she did not care if there were marks.

She straddled him, and he grabbed her by putting his hand through her thighs. This embrace was more intimate than anything else they had done.

“Are you seeing me again because Rafe is seeing that fetish model?”
“You know about her modeling?” Eliza sighed.
Oscar laughed.
“I am a man, I would know her! She is beautiful…she looks like Myrna Loy? Do you think?”

Eliza pushed at his chest.

“Maybe I ought to spank you, saying that to me!”

“She is not as beautiful as you…”

Eliza knelt beside him.

“Now that you might get a spanking I am more beautiful…”
“You are reminding me of Bettie Page right now…


Eliza slowly scrolled the pictures on her phone in the cab beside Oscar.

She did look a little like Bettie Page, that menacing way that Page had about her. Stills of her spanking Oscar, her hand on a red patch on near the crease of his bare ass…

He was not able to be restrained on her lap. He had wiggled and shifted on her lap unable to help himself, which had antagonized her and turned her on all the more.

Made her strike him like a match.

“You look hot as hell on my lap,” she said aloud.

“Are you going to show them to him?”
Eliza stared out of the cab.

The photos were for her, her own personal stash of porn.

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  1. I love this piece so much. The idea of collecting your own personal porn is seriously hot and something to some extent I do and have done. Those private collections are full of fabulous precious hot memories


  2. Oh, this is just fabulous, especially ‘She knew that he was seeing Margaux, but coming across pictures that he had sketched of her was like encountering his personal stash of porn. It was almost unbearable.’

    I hope you develop that further in future instalments xxx

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